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5 tips to create a Stunning Master Bedroom Design!

The good news is, you only have yourself to please here which makes any design choices that bit easier. There are some principles to be aware of though, and these will help you when it comes to the technical side of things so here are our 5 tips to make your master bedroom design your perfect match.

master bedroom designs

Bed time

Basic feng shui design principles are said to harmonise and balance your being with the home, and can help as a guide to arranging the furniture in your room. Your bed is the natural focal point in the room so placing it facing the entrance of the room and with the headboard against a wall is not only said to create a positive energy around you and a sense of calm, it’s also the most natural positioning.


Dressing the bedside

Giving your bedside table a little extra thought with accessories in their own place means you won’t be tempted to leave potential distractions like your mobile phone around – which helps hugely with getting a better night’s sleep. To dress the bedside table, we recommend arranging accessories such as lamps, candles and flowers in threes to create a structured but simple look.


Material matters

Go all out for a luxurious feel and look. Opting for natural, soft and neutral bedding makes sinking down into the sheets feel that bit nicer, and can give you the chance to add texture and pattern to the overall look of your room which makes all the difference if you’ve chosen a neutral colour scheme. Layering your bed with cushions, blankets and throws lends it depth and an air of indulgence.

master bedroom designs

Shine a light

One of the most important features of any room is the lighting and for the bedroom, it needs to serve various functions. You’ll require a mixture of task lighting and dimmable lights to cover the entire space so you can dress with ease and access a certain level of lighting for relaxing and reading in bed. Don’t forget to position them in the optimum place – soft lights to the side of the bed tend to be more comfortable than those directly over the bed.

Symmetrical style

Something as simple as making everything in your bedroom as symmetrical as possible elevates the style from plain to premium. That means two bedside tables, four pillows and two cushions with one throw over the top to add a sense of balance to your room – just remember that the odd photo frame can help to break the monotony somewhat.


Hopefully we’ll have given you food for thought to start creating your perfect bedroom and showed you something you didn’t know before. If you would like to speak to one of our specialists for help with designing your master bedroom, why not book a free consultation?

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