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How to make your home office design work for a small space

 home office design ideas for small spaces

With an increasing number of people working from home, the domicile office is becoming an ever-more important part of the house. If you don’t have the capacity to dedicate a spatial special room to your office, you may find these home office design ideas for small spaces especially helpful.



Wherever there’s room

Make the most of every crevice of space in your house: it might be the spot under the stairs that’s crying out to be utilised more efficiently, and could just fit your desk in perfectly, or a corner space would be a good choice if you don’t have the option of dedicating an entire room to it. Spare closets can also be neatly converted into offices and should be relatively easy to hide after use.

home office design ideas for small spaces

Standing desks

Not only are standing desks much better for office workers’ health than sitting for long periods of time, they take up less space – perfect for houses where it comes at a premium. If there is an area in your home where you could comfortably perch your elevated work area, such as a breakfast bar, it could provide the perfect solution.


Dual function

Why keep your spare room purely as a guest room when, chances are, during the week, the space will be free for you to turn into a functional working space which can then be easily cleared when visitors come to stay. There are lots of ‘slim’ furniture options such as console tables which don’t encroach on walking space – just look for one that will fit a comfortable chair at around the standard desk height of 30 inches.


Smartly maximise space

Remember when the space you have at hand is limited, you’ll rely on furnishings, storage options, cabinets and décor that won’t occupy too much of an area. If you have the capacity, building upwards using the walls for sturdy shelving and cabinets to give you more scope for storage will also keep you organised as well as serve multiple uses if you like to decorate your work space.



Whether you’re thinking about how to incorporate a compact office into your home or are researching clever solutions for a small working space, there are some ideas here to take inspiration from. The only restraint here would be space so by getting creative with other aspects, you can personalise it, make it comfortable and make your office work hard for you.


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