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What to know before designing your own bedroom

It’s where we go at the end of the day when we need our beauty sleep. Think you’ve got what it takes to create the perfect space to lay your head but need some helpful tips? Here’s what you need to know to design your own bedroom.

design your own bedroom

1. Work to the layout

No two bedrooms are the same so bear in mind the scale and size you have to work to. If you know exactly which items are going where then it makes choosing your furniture much easier. Physical features such as doors, fireplaces and electrical sockets will also have an impact on furniture placement.


2. Room uses

What’s the space going to be used for? Maybe you’ll dedicate it purely to sleep and rest or you’ll need a sitting area to relax before bedtime – whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to make a plan of your ideal layout so you know what furniture you have space for. After fitting in the bed, bedside tables, wardrobe and chest of drawers, see what space you have left.

design your own bedroom

3. Colour palette

Cool and neutral hues are ideal for bedrooms thanks to the sense of calm they evoke. Picking relaxing and calming colours such as dove grey or pale lilac add a touch of colour and promotes sleep more than bright hues. If you are using neutral colours, introducing a mixture of different materials will help create more dimension in the room.


4. Lighting is important

One thing that shouldn’t be left as an afterthought is lighting. A combination of ambient and task lights (floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and dimming lights) should do the trick nicely so make sure you give yourself the option of increasing and decreasing the light for different purposes. Likewise, consider the amount of natural light that streams in and the direction of daylight so it’s not directly in your face.

Picture of white bedroom in minimalist style.jpeg

5. Finishing touches

Now you have set out your plan and decided where the furniture best fits, it’s time to think about the final flourish so you can boost your design with a bit of your personality. It’s always worth buying the highest quality bedding you can afford – that’s duvets, bed linen and pillows – and a mixture of textures and materials. The same goes for soft furnishings to make the space homely, and you could even add a touch of luxury to your room with extras like scented candles. 


Recent bedroom furniture fitted by us 

Gorgeous handleless matt white and grey two tone furniture. Made to measure solid carcass units to follow slope in ceiling.

Wardrobes 2Wardrobes 3White draws



For a beautiful bedroom, follow our pointers so you can begin the process feeling more informed. Another of our areas of expertise is bedroom design and as Which Trusted Traders, our focus is on providing an outstanding level of customer care and unrivalled design services. Why not contact us to arrange a free consultation today?